How To Keep Your Party Guests Cool In The Summer

In the summer, there's nothing better than holding a party outdoors. You can set up a 40 foot wide tent by the pool, allowing guests the chance to enjoy the shade after they go for a dip. It's also perfect for firing up the grill and enjoying some good food with your guests. Whatever you're up to, you want to ensure that the tent you use is nice and cool. Luckily, there's plenty of ways to keep your tent cool this summer. Here's how you can do it.
Take The Side Walls Off
Firstly, when setting up your tent up, you'll want to ensure that the side walls stay off your tent. They work well in the winter as they keep the cold out, but right now you want that breeze to be able to flow through your tent. This way, you still get all the shade that your tent has to offer, without it getting stuffy.
Pick The Right Cooling Options
When it comes to air conditioning your tent, there's lots of ways that you can cool it down. When renting or buying your 40 x 100 wedding tent, make sure you ask about what options are available to you. Should be offered at least some of the following:
Cool boxes: These are large tanks that you stand in the corners of your tent, and work to keep the air cool. They do this by evaporating water, that allows the air above them to stay cool. They also include a fan, that oscillates and blows that cooled air around. These aren't the best option if you're battling humidity, but they do work very well at cooling the air down.
Fans: You can get all kinds of fans for your tent, to keep it cool during the summer. You can get smaller hanging fans, that sit up in the frame of your tent and move air around. You can also get larger stand up fans, that sit in the corners of your tent. The great thing about fans is that you can place them where they're needed the most, so you can customise the cooling in your tent.
Air conditioning: If you need something more powerful, then you can go for an air conditioning unit for your tent. These will pump cooled air directly into your tent, and will offer better cooling if you're using a larger tent. The system comprises an outdoor condenser, that is then connected to the tent via pipe. The air diffusers sit at the end of the pipe and pump that cooled air in.
If you're not sure which option is right for you, make sure to ask your tent supplier. They'll have lots of information and expertise in cooling a tent down, so they'll have just the right option for you.
Keep Water Available
When it's a hot day, it's amazing how quickly you can get dehydrated. That happens even in your tent, where it's cool and shaded. To combat this, ensure that you have cold water on hand at all times. You can have jugs on tables, or a water dispenser in the tent. However you provide it, guests will be grateful to have that water to hand.
Stay Near The Water
On the subject of water, you can make your event a lot cooler if you can hold your event with a water element. For more informal parties, a pool party is a perfect idea. You can set your tent up near the pool, so guest can dip in and out in order to cool off during the day. Add some water inflatables, and the party is sure to be a huge hit. You can even do this on decking or concrete, as frame tents allow you to weigh the tent down, rather than staking it down.
Another option is to run the sprinklers near your tent during the event. Again, if it's more informal, you can allow kids to run through the sprinklers, so they can keep their cool. Just having them on will work in a similar way to the cool boxes, as water evaporates it'll cool the air around the sprinklers. It's an active and effective way to cool down the party space.
Pick A Tent With The Right Fabric
If you're holding a part in the height of summer, you'll need to ensure that your tent is offering the right protection from the sun. Much like clothes, you can get sunburn even under a tent's canopy if it's hot enough. That's not going to be great for your guests, especially when you want them to have a good time at your event.
Luckily, you can get tents that have 'block out' fabric on them, that stops the sun's rays. This will avoid the risk of sun burn and heat stroke, and make the tent much cooler too. Encourage guests to stay out of the sun as much as possible, to ensure that they stay safe. As the tent will be much cooler, they'll be more inclined to stay under it and stay safe from the sun.
Give Guests Their Own Fans
You'll already have some fans set up in your 40 x 100 frame tent, but you'll want your guests to have more in terms of cooling. A great way to help them cool off is to give them their own fans. You can either go for handheld paper fans, or motorised fans, but either way they can use them to help themselves cool off. There are many companies out there that will even sell you personalised fans, perfect for corporate events or weddings.
There's more ways than you'd think to keep your event cool when you're planning a summer party. There's so many things you can do, from picking the right cooling equipment, to giving guests fans and cold water to just running the sprinklers. Use these tips to keep your tent cool this summer, and you shouldn't encounter any problems with heat.

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