Should I Pursue a Postgraduate Internship?
Frequently, college students will complete internships in order to gain work experience in their desired career field. However, not all students have the opportunity to take on internships while still in school. For many of these students, applying for a postgraduate internship after receiving their undergraduate degrees may be a possibility. If you have graduated recently, or will soon, is an internship right for you? Below are a few questions to ask while considering a postgraduate internship.

Did I have a positive internship experience in college?
Students often do not have the luxury of taking on an internship while in college, due to the demands of school and life. On the other hand, those who completed internships do not always have positive experiences. If you did not have an internship, or if you had a negative internship experience, you may benefit from a postgraduate internship. It will give you the chance to attain valuable experience directly related to your career goals, as well as meet professionals from paper writing service easywaypaper in your field. Plus, you will be able to devote your full attention to it at this point to maximize your experience.

Was I too busy for an internship?
While in college, students often have more to deal with than just classes. It is common for students to commit to a part-time job, have family obligations, or a combination of both - or more! These commitments can quickly fill up a student's free time and make the idea of an internship next to impossible. Interning post-graduation can be a great idea if you were too busy during college to consider one. As internships are typically unpaid, it may be necessary to pick up a part-time job as well, related to your field or not, in order to support yourself.

Do I know working professionals in my field?
For young professionals seeking their first career, networking is key. Meeting others and taking advantage of connections truly opens the door to new experiences and opportunities. If you lack professional contacts, working as a postgraduate intern can quickly give you this exposure. References from seasoned professionals - who have direct work experience with you - are invaluable to your career search. Furthermore, if you want to connect with potential colleagues or employers, it is easiest to meet them through contacts with whom you have already established a rapport.

Do I have current job prospects?
If yes, great! If not, do not lose hope. Interning can provide the professional push you need to land your first job. Employers often hire interns who work well and fit into their team. Impress both your internship supervisor and colleagues, and it is more likely that an internship can eventually transform into a job. If the company is not currently hiring, you can always seek out positions with them in the future. Hiring boards often give priority to an applicant whose experience includes time within their own company. Lastly, if you are nervous about working for any particular employers, an internship experience allows you to test drive a proofreading service before making any serious commitments.

Although you may have planned to land a job in your field immediately following graduation, it never hurts to have a backup plan. Pursuing a postgraduate internship can be a productive option that will benefit you professionally by expanding your network, as well as providing an opportunity to learn and practice new skills in your field.

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