All about Functional Anti-aging medicines
Anti ageing is the medicinal branch which aims to reduce the chance of developing aging-related arteriosclerosis and other aging diseases. This is done by intervening in the biological process of aging, and thereby contributing to the expansion of a healthy life span. As per data shown by Government’s recent establishment of the late-stage medical care system for elderly, health maintenance of the elderly people has become a national issue.. Anti-aging medicine has come to play a crucial role not only from the view point of individual happiness, but also with regard to the economic skillfulness of society.

Functional anti ageing medicine is a theoretical and practical science, that means it is more than a science, which aims to help people enjoy health and longevity. Enjoying health means more than prolonged life span. Hence the emphasis here is placed on the quality of life span. People can now enjoy health and longevity even if they have a disease.

Theoretical and practical science that aims to allow people to enjoy health and longevity by assuring the following:

1. Health
・It does not matter if you have a disease.
・Your objective and purpose in life support your energy source.
・You have positive thoughts and live with hope.

2. Longevity
・To enjoy long life span means to lead a healthy and joyous life.
・The older you get, the more important your mental health becomes.
・An environment where longevity can be relished should be created.

With the aging of the population and decrease in rate of birth, the load of medical expenditures covered by the public health care insurance system is about to reach a critical bound. If many of the elderly population, those aged 65 years or older, stay healthy, this load could be of its present level. If the healthy elderly population increases, they can be able to continue to work as taxpayers. Functional Anti-aging medicines can contribute to making this scenario come true.

Holistic Approach:
The basic element of functional anti-aging medicine is to eradicate the aging mechanism. Many of the mechanisms of the biological procedures of aging, nevertheless, remain unknown. A number of causal factors of aging have been identified by fundamental research in different fields, involve  gene mutation, reduced cellular function, free oxidization of radical, deterioration of immunity system, and decreased hormonal level. JAAM strives to keep up with the latest insights gained in these fields to cope up with diverse causal factors of aging through anti-aging medicine.

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